Leadership Development Reimagined

Join us for the 2018 Launch of Leadership McKinley!

a 9 month leadership development program




Our Vision: Leadership McKinley launches leaders in our community who are dynamic and diverse. These leaders are the driving force for positive influence and action in all sectors of Gallup McKinley County. We develop the leadership talent and possibilities of these professionals in our community because we understand they can make Gallup McKinley County a better place to live, work, and play. We provide the tools for leaders to advance Gallup McKinley County as catalysts and change agents who have a lasting impact on our region, state, and country. We do this through leadership development, community building, and career development.  

Our Mission: Leadership McKinley is driven by a commitment to our community to bring together professionals who want to grow as leaders. Through Leadership McKinley we create a legacy effect of leaders who are ethical, innovative, and invested in their community. We provide opportunities to build relationships, foster growth, and develop leadership, Our community is a better place to live, work, and play in when we invest in the next generation of leaders. Our program offers participants the opportunity to create a Capstone Project, putting what they learn in the program to immediate use. Through this program, we fulfill our mission to grow leaders, foster a community mindset, encourage ethical behavior, demonstrate a belief in civic engagement, and support our business community.  

Core Values: 1. Everyone has moments of leadership and we can instill in our participants the courage to step up and step out when then are called to lead. 2. Leadership is first and foremost the act of being ethical and a person of integrity at all times. 3. As a member of the McKinley County Community, we all have an obligation to give back and make our community a better place to work and live. 4. Leadership development matters—it is through confident and courageous leadership that our community thrives. Civic and community engagement is one of the highest forms of leadership. 5. Our program empowers our participants to meet this calling and address challenges and goals of the McKinley County community through action, advocacy, and engagement.  

You don't want to miss this experience. 

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